Whether you're in the market for an anologue or digital solution, off-site hosting and off-site monitoring or IP technologies, when you partner with us you partner with our thirty years of expertise.

Tailor Made Telecoms Solutions

We specialise in offering telecoms and connectivity solutions that meet all of your communication needs and requirements.

From Cloud PABX to Hosted PBX; from Voice Recording and Voice Logging to Video Conferencing and Voicemail; from Security solutions and CCTV systems to off-site monitoring, vehicle camera monitoring, biometrics and Time & Attendance; our wide range of industry-leading telecoms and connectivity solutions ensures that your business gets and stays connected.

We think of everything… so you don’t have to

Looking into Least Cost Routing? Need switchboards and headsets? Wondering whether to go with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi? With wireless technologies or fibre? Talk to us. We have the industry know-how to decode the jargon – the ISDN, CDMA, POE, IT minefield of abbreviations – and the business solutions product insight to get the basics (like cabling, switches and internet connectivity) right so we can talk about the details (like Auto Attendant, Voicemail, Voicemail to email gateways, Advertising on Hold and Music on Hold).

Exceptional Service

Our service is truly exceptional. The proof? Our telecoms division currently services over 2,000 opposition clients who have migrated in favour of our superior service delivery.

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