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Getting noticed by potential clients has never been more easier,
thanks to Social Media Advertising.

Social Media platforms such as Facebook has become the go to platform for 91% of brands globally.

The reason being, that social media is the closest form of word of mouth marketing available today.

Furthermore, social media marketing campaigns can be the most affordable form of direct advertising when implemented correctly.

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Why Social Media Advertising

Makes Sense

Million Facebook users in SA
Million Instagram users in SA
Million LinkedIn users in SA

By reaching just a fraction of these users, with a proper social media advertising campaign, you can greatly increase the revenue of your business

How We Reach Your Social Media

Target Audience

With our years of knowledge and social market research we carefully select your correct audience by using:

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Age, Employment Type, Location, Qualifications, and a lot more.

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Interest categories (for example; health, automotive, technology, construction, property, and the list goes on and on).

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Campaigns need to run in times when most users that might be interest in your services / products are online.

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Great Design

A great design will attract attention and make your advertisements more appealing to potential clients. This leads to more interaction on your social media advertisements.

With the above not carefully implemented any form of advertising budget will be wasted by missing your target market.

Our Social Media Advertising


The below Social Media Advertising Packages have been structured according to the most ordered by our clients.

We can also custom quote on specific social media advertising services for your business.

Starter Social Media Advertising Package

  • 1 x Ad Campaign per month.
  • Creative Design of your Advert.

Basic Social Media Advertising Package

  • 2 x Ad Campaigns per month.
  • Creative Design of your Adverts.

Intermediate Social Media Advertising Package

  • Weekly Ad Campaign.
  • Creative Design of your Adverts.

Also included in our

Social Media Campaign Services

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Advertising Strategy

Before we start with your social media advertisement campaign we create a strategy that will suit your brand best.

This strategy is created by looking at what your end goals are.  These goals include; increase in traffic, increase in awareness, increase in engagement, lead generation, and increase in sales.

Thereafter we look at the social media network that will best suit your goals.

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Campaign Monitoring

Once your social advertisement campaign is active, we constantly monitor results to ensure that it aligns with your goals.

We make alterations as needed to ensure that your campaign spend is used as efficiently and effectively as possible.

social media marketing services


After your social media campaign has run its course, we inspect and compile the statistics of the results.

The results are then compiled into a comprehensive report to show you the results of your campaign.

At this stage we also make recommendations if and as needed to better your social media campaign and improve results.

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