With the constant growth of this affordable and cost-effective marketing method we decided to share the benefits thereof with you.

Social Media Marketing 2019


Social Media and SEO Marketing Benefits:

  • Online marketing costs a fraction of the cost of print media
  • Wider audience more than double / triple the size the largest publication can offer you.
  • Instead of waiting for clients to look for you, you place yourself in front of potential clients.
  • Faster response time on this marketing method than other forms of marketing. Can be implemented within hours.


The below statistics from the 2019 SA Social Media Landscape Report explains why:


Why Social Media Marketing makes sense for 2019

The SA Social Media Landscape 2019 report, released in January 2019 by World Wide Worx shows that there are now:

  • 21 million Facebook users in South Africa. Furthermore Facebook has over 2 billion active users world wide, with half of these users being active every single day.
  • 6.6 million users on Instagram in South Africa. It grew a massive 73%, from 3.8 million in the past year.
  • LinkedIn now has 6.8 million users in South Africa, up 11% from last year. Most of its growth is coming from staff at small and medium enterprises, revealing that the corporate focus of LinkedIn has now spread across businesses of all sizes.

A third element of the study, a survey among South Africa’s largest brands, also highlighted the big five:

Largest Brands in SA Using Social Media Marketing:

  • Facebook with 96% of big brands on the platform.
  • Twitter on 87%.
  • Instagram on 78%.
  • LinkedIn used by 73% of major brands.
  • YouTube at 68%.

The bottom line of all these numbers is simple: South African consumers have taken to social media as never before, and big brands are following eagerly in their wake.


Implementing the correct Social Media & SEO Marketing strategy for 2019

With the above numbers considered it makes sense to look at this cost effect marketing method.

However if implemented incorrectly it will not result in reaching your target audience.

What is your target audience?
Your target audience is the potential clients that will be interested in the services / products you have on offer either now or in the future. If you simply run a online campaign without targeting your audience you will not reach the preferred results for your campaign.

How to reach the target audience:
With our years of knowledge and market research we carefully select your correct audience by using: (The below are just some of the items)

  • Demographics: Age, Employment Type, Location, Qualifications, and a lot more.
  • Interests: Interest categories (for example; health, automotive, technology, construction, property, and the list goes on and on).
  • Timed: Campaigns need to run in times when most users that might be interest in your services / products are online.

With the above not carefully implemented any form of marketing budget will be simply wasted by just displaying your campaigns to all users of all ages in all countries.

Your budget will run out long before your reach any of your potential clients. (For example; displaying to a 15 year old boy in Kimberley will doubtfully be your target audience).


Luckily we have years and years and years of experience in this field and we have very cost effective campaigns available.